Sandra and Jeff at Eureka

Sandra and Jeff chose to get married at the start of Cape Town spring and were blessed with a lovely day. The sun was out and the September chill kept things comfortably cool.

They were married at Eureka along the Durbanville Wine Route which has recently built a new gorgeous wedding venue. After a beautiful church ceremony in Woodstock we made our way to the venue to enjoy the festivities. The food was delicious and the guests had a wonderful time listening to heartfelt speeches.

Sandra and Jeff are a down to earth, loving couple. I felt very welcomed by them both and their love for one another shows in the most simple ways. The way they help each other and support one another and just the looks they share. It’s not a grand display, but it is very real.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of this amazing day. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and laughter.



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Antonia was recently confirmed so she and her family hosted a lunch for family and friends to celebrate this momentous occasion in her life. I had a lot of fun with her doing some portraits in the rain! She is such a beautiful young lady inside and out. What a bright future you have in front of you Antonia!



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Jo and Tish – La Bella

I wanted to start doing these La Bella shoots to give women the chance to feel beautiful. A chance to get a little out of their comfort zone and show how uniquely special they are. Women like Jo and Tish, they are the reason I started doing these shoots.

They have an amazing friendship and share a common love for living a healthy lifestyle. They train together and encourage one another every step of the way. During the shoot the one was constantly telling the other “you look amazing!!” It’s the kind of friendship we all need.

You two are an inspiration in so many ways. In your pursuit of perfection in the gym, eating clean and staying healthy. In your commitment to each other and the other people in your lives. Thank you for sharing the afternoon with me and encouraging me too!

Images used with clients’ permission



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Tarren’s Matric Farewell

One of the big reasons I love being a portrait photographer is that I often get to see families on more than one occasion. Earlier thisĀ  year I shot Arlene’s wedding and now I get to share her niece’s matric farewell. It was so wonderful going back to the family home and seeing them all again.

Tarren was a vision in her RidovaneM custom made gown. She has the most beautiful long hair that she had done in curls and her gorgeous features were finished off with bright pink lipstick. The perfect choice for a fun young lady.

I had great fun with Tarren and a few friends while taking their pics at Zevenwacht. After a few pics with very proud parents, she was off to start a magical night.

I hope you had the most amazing time Tarren and I hope that these pics will help you remember the occasion with a big smile.



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Sandra and Jeff’s Engagement

I met Sandra and Jeff a month before they were married to do their engagement session. We took a walk through the Company Gardens (got attacked by squirrels!) and the streets of town. It was great fun and they both became more and more comfortable in front of the camera as we went on. I love getting to know couples this way, walking, talking and shooting :)



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Bronwyn and Damian’s Engagement

I love meeting couples for the first time after chatting to them over email. It is always so much fun to meet them in person and watch how they interact with each other. I met Bronwyn and Damian for the first time when we got together for their engagement shoot. They are both a little shy but have the most fun together. They are so excited about their future together and I can’t wait to be part of their wedding day.



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My season in black and white

As I head into the new wedding season this weekend, I have decided to put together a few of my favorite images from the past wedding season. I absolutely adore black and white images and so have decided to use those only for this collection. I enjoyed looking back on the season so much, I really am so grateful for all the wonderful couples I have had the privilege of photographing.



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The Clarke Family

I really do love this style of family shoot. It captures real life, day to day family life and I really enjoy that real aspect. Kids don’t pose! So you have to just follow them around and work to their schedule :)

Sarah-Jane and I were in high school together and it was such a great experience for me to join her and Bruce and their boys at home for an afternoon. Little Jude is just the sweetest guy, so easy and happy and full of smiles.

Thank you for having me and letting me play Lego with Troy!



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Claudia and Paul

Claudia and Paul’s big day was the last wedding of my season, and it was the absolute best way to end off! It was a perfect winter’s day in Stellenbosch, the light was just too amazing and they are such a beautiful couple inside and out. I was in photography heaven!

They chose Bakenhof as their venue where the whole day unfolded. Claudia was a calm bride during her preparations while Paul was showing signs of nervous excitement. His friends were on hand to keep him laughing and make sure he had just enough whiskey!

The ceremony was emotional and so precious, each look they shared was so filled with love and excitement. We then went off for the photo session. The bridal party kept me laughing from start to finish, sharing Paul’s fishing stories and teasing each other about their golf scores. I had such fun with them! Once I got Claudia and Paul alone the mood softened and they just embraced each other. Paul really doesn’t like being in photos but he did such a good job with his new wife. I am so excited about the results.

The beautiful reception just capped off this perfect day. I did a lot of laughing and shed a few tears behind my camera listening to the speeches. The dancing was just all out fun, I love seeing guests just getting up and going for it! It really was just such a perfect way to celebrate these two, their family and friends around them laughing and dancing the night away.

Claudia, you are such a beautiful, gentle person and I can see how much you love your husband. Paul, the joker, but the steadfast, dependable husband who your wife. You two are a match made in heaven. Keep looking at each other the way you did you on your wedding day and keep holding hands. I wish you so much love and happiness. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your most special day.



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Alta and Deon

I had the pleasure of meeting with Alta and Deon twice before their wedding day. Both are soft spoken and very kind, they told me all they wanted was a simple wedding without the fuss and that is exactly what they planned. A morning wedding with close family and friends, simple elegant decor and true happiness between husband and wife.

When I arrived at Langkloof Roses early on the morning of the wedding, both bride and groom were calm and at peace. Alta transformed into a Hollywood movie star, step aside Anne Hathaway! Her dress was breathtaking on her and her choice of hair and make-up complimented her look so well. She was such a calm bride with nerves and excitement setting in just before walking down the aisle. Deon was there waiting to take her hand as they started their life together.

We had a wonderful couple session and were so blessed with gorgeous light despite the time of day we were out. They were so lost in each other which makes a photographers job SO easy! At times I actually think they forgot I was there :) We had some good laughs and I just love the results.

They shared a delicious lunch with their guests before spending time chatting to everyone and talking about the day.

Thank you to Alta and Deon for allowing me to be a part of your day. You have a beautiful love and I wish you happiness for your life together forever.



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