Elanza and Gavin

This was one just one of those days! Everything was just perfect and ran like clock work. I met Elanza and Gavin at their home a couple of weeks before their wedding day and we chatted about the day. Elanza explained their decor choices and how they wanted the venue to look, but she really didn’t prepare me for the gorgeousness I found when I arrived! The venue they chose was 401 Rozendal and it is so perfectly unique. A mixture of old and new, such an interesting space. And their choices suited the venue so well.

When I got to Elanza, the picture perfect prettiness continued! She chose a gorgeous dress that she looked so amazing in and with her red hair and beautiful eyes, she was a vision. Suzanne from Skoonlief was doing the finishing touches to her make-up when I arrived and she was just beaming!

The ceremony was emotional and full of happiness and laughter. I loved the way Elanza and Gavin looked over at each other throughout the ceremony. Like they were both just so grateful for one another and so in love.

We spent the rest of the afternoon having fun with group and couple’s pictures, horse flies and little 4×4 trail! The evening was spent sharing an amazing meal with their friends and family as well as some chill time in a really cool Moroccan lounge complete with bright colours and hubbly!

Thank you to you both for having me as a part of this spectacular day. I am so grateful I got to know you a little and that I was there to witness your start your life together. I hope these are memories you will cherish forever.



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