Claudia and Paul

Claudia and Paul’s big day was the last wedding of my season, and it was the absolute best way to end off! It was a perfect winter’s day in Stellenbosch, the light was just too amazing and they are such a beautiful couple inside and out. I was in photography heaven!

They chose Bakenhof as their venue where the whole day unfolded. Claudia was a calm bride during her preparations while Paul was showing signs of nervous excitement. His friends were on hand to keep him laughing and make sure he had just enough whiskey!

The ceremony was emotional and so precious, each look they shared was so filled with love and excitement. We then went off for the photo session. The bridal party kept me laughing from start to finish, sharing Paul’s fishing stories and teasing each other about their golf scores. I had such fun with them! Once I got Claudia and Paul alone the mood softened and they just embraced each other. Paul really doesn’t like being in photos but he did such a good job with his new wife. I am so excited about the results.

The beautiful reception just capped off this perfect day. I did a lot of laughing and shed a few tears behind my camera listening to the speeches. The dancing was just all out fun, I love seeing guests just getting up and going for it! It really was just such a perfect way to celebrate these two, their family and friends around them laughing and dancing the night away.

Claudia, you are such a beautiful, gentle person and I can see how much you love your husband. Paul, the joker, but the steadfast, dependable husband who your wife. You two are a match made in heaven. Keep looking at each other the way you did you on your wedding day and keep holding hands. I wish you so much love and happiness. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your most special day.



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