Baby Adriana

I was given the honor of capturing the birth of a precious miracle, little baby Adriana. I met with Candy-Lee and Sergio the week before their due date and they were so excited and anxious for the birth of their second daughter. When I arrived at the hospital on the day of the delivery, Candy-Lee was as calm as could be and was just counting down the minutes until the nurses came to take her to theater. I followed them down to the pre-op area and then into the theater, it was all very surreal. Sergio was beside Candy-Lee every step of the way and held her hand through it all. I have never seen a man smile as widely as what Sergio did when they lifted Adriana over the sheet for the first time. She cried so strongly and Mom and Dad (and I!) were overcome with emotion.

I don’t think I can explain the feeling this experience left me with, but I am so so grateful that I got to see it at least once in my lifetime (and I hope for many more).

Congratulations to you Candy-Lee, Sergio and big sister Leteia. She is a perfect little angel.



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Vicky Ah, well done my friend, they are incredible!!! x