Lize-Meri and Claude

Every wedding is special in it’s own way, a day filled with love and happiness. Lize-Meri and Claude’s day really took this to a new level! I cried and I laughed along with this amazing couple. Two people that are so in love and so committed to each others happiness.

Claude put so much thought into his gift for Lize and the note he wrote had all the girls in tears.

They both smiled looking at each other the whole way thought their ceremony. It was so wonderful to me how the two families really came together sharing a love for Lize and Claude.

The reception was just pure joy and laughter! The guests were treated to unique a view into the couples’ lives by their friends and family’s words. My cheeks were sire from smiling and laughing! the rest of the night was filled with fun and celebration. Every single guest present was there to share their happiness with the couple and nothing else mattered.

Lize-Meri and Claude, I walked away from your wedding day with that warm and fuzzy feeling. You reminded me what real, heartfelt romance is. Your support and love for each other is unwavering and your true appreciation for each other so rare. Thank you for giving me the honor of being the one to capture these memories.

(R.I.P. Sammy the pigeon)



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joanne captured the day so beautifully - I just LOVE these pictures.
Claude Amann Kathryn, on hehalf of Lize and myself we'd like to say a ridiculously massive "THANK YOU" for what you have done for us. You made us both feel so at ease throughout the photo sessions and managed to capture this perfect day for us in the most spectaular way. We will always be greatful for the part you played in our big day!!!