Lauren and Alton

This was my first wedding of the season and it was the perfect way to start. I have known Lauren and Alton for a number of years through mutual friends and they are really a wonderful couple. So relaxed and able to be totally silly with each other which I really love! They brought elements of their personalities into the day and were just totally themselves. Lauren is an animal lover and their beloved pitbull puppy was represented on their wedding cake!

Their story is really special, they have known each other for years and lived in different cities. They remained in contact over the phone while their lives developed seperately. And finally the universe decided it was time and Lauren was able to move to Cape Town to be with Alton. This day was a long awaited one for both of them.

Lauren and Alton chose to spend the day with friends and family at Delvera Wine Estate just outside Stellenbosch. Although the day started off a little stormy, we were lucky enough to have gorgeous sunlight for their photographs. We had such a fun time taking their couples photos and I loved that they were silly throughout while still giving me amazing romantic poses!! Well done Alton!!!

I wish you a life time of happiness, love and laughter. May the memories of your wedding day last forever and may your love for one another never change.




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michelle what an amazing couple and amazing wedding !!! ps cant believe you put my sneaking past the camera pic on!!!!
Barry Happiness becomes you Lauren, you are beautiful! God Bless you Both Lauren and Alton!
Debby Boltman Lauren, you looked absolutely stunning!!
Wendy Stoffels Photos are absolutely stunning. Well done.